PAC Codes and Mobile Phone Number Porting

Coming to the end of your mobile phone contract? Just signed up to a monthly SIM only deal but found out the network coverage in your area leaves a lot to be desired? In either of these cases, you may well be wanting to move to a new mobile phone network. But, what about if you want to keep your existing mobile phone number? Or, how do you ensure the process of cancelling one contract and starting a new one goes as smoothly as possible?mobile phone networks PAC Codes and Mobile Phone Number Porting

This is where PAC codes (Porting Authorisation Codes) come in.  Yes, technically you should only ask for a PAC, but this term is also synonymous with ‘PAC Code’. These codes can be requested from your existing mobile phone network and will make switching contracts, and porting your old mobile phone number, a breeze.

However, how do you get hold of your PAC code and how do you then pass this on to your new network provider? That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you with the information you need to both request a PAC and also how to then pass this code on to your new network provider. This will ensure a smooth transition from your old to your new network and also mean you can keep your old mobile phone number!

Please remember though, that if you are just changing phones with the same network, you do not need to request a PAC.

2 thoughts on “PAC Codes and Mobile Phone Number Porting

    1. Hi Viktor,

      To start with, we need to know your current mobile phone provider. Once we have this, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


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